(Mashed avocado with feta on a freshly baked bread)
I just had the most perfect breakfast on earth at a Café called French Twist. After I spent one extra hour on the train because of track works and a 20 minutes walk to the shops which felt like a trudge through the desert, just to get Santa's job done we got past this beautiful little Café. Everything looked so pretty and my mood immediately changed (I can get really excited about food). We stopped to have a nice little break and it was the best decision I made today apart from buying an early Christmas present for myself.
 Have a look at their facebook page here!


 1 One Teaspoon Shorts // 2 Tiffany&Co Necklace // 3 Triangl Swimwear // 4 Christmas Outfit // 5 MJ Wallet // 6 Quay Sunglasses // 7 Heels // 8 Iphone Case // 9 365 Journal  

When the word 'Christmas' comes up, your first thoughts that will pop up in your mind probably are snowflakes, hot chocolate in bed, warm and cosy clothes .. Yes! But on the other side of the world summer is on his way! More than 30 degrees, no way you won't get sweaty even when you just want to go down the street to buy an ice block. This will be my first Christmas wearing togs under my dress on Christmas eve and no need for a jacket above my NYE outfit! Perfect! I'm already so excited that I started my wishlist for Santa and his helping elve (me).