2013 has been just amazing for me and I believe I'm really lucky with my life. I've never been this happy like I am right now. Even though I always try to look at the bright side, there were some dark moments for me too this year and I have to say I had enough of 2013!
Waiting 12 hours in the blazing sun, I welcomed the new year with perfect fireworks and perfect friends in Syndey.
2014 is finally here. For the first time there are no New Years Resolution, no wishlists, no 'this year is gonna be different' for me. I loved 2013 like I already love the new year and want take it as it comes.


Julia hat gesagt…

wow die bilder sind wirklich atemberaubend schön geworden! wie aus einem filmset!


Linh hat gesagt…

die bilder sind toll<3

leolöwenherz hat gesagt…

richtig schöne Bilder, da wäre ich auch gerne ! Allgemein gefallen mir deine Bilder, folge dir jetzt :)

liebe Grüße